6 Facts About Peju’s Teddy Bear Sunflowers

April 29th, 2016 @ 12:23pm Haley Sansom Around the Winery 0

If you’ve visited us between June in September, there is no doubt that you have noticed the rows of Teddy Bear Sunflowers that line the Peju driveway. Fans of Peju flock to the winery every summer to take photos with these gorgeous, unique sunflowers. As head gardener Javier is busy putting the plants in the ground this weekend, here are 6 facts you may not know about our Teddy Bear Sunflowers:

1. Head gardener Javier Rios created this hybrid seed himself.

2. This year’s seeds were planted on March 25, 2016 and put in the ground April 29, 2016.

3. Javier has over 730 plants this year.  

4. Once the plants are in the ground, it takes approximately 70 days for them to bloom. This means our 2016 Teddy Bear Sunflowers will be blooming by July.

5. It takes Javier a total of eight hours to put the plants in the ground. To start, he digs the holes, which takes about four hours. Next, he puts the plants in the ground and fills in the holes, which takes about four additional hours.

6. For three consecutive years, Javier has been awarded the blue ribbon for his sunflowers at the Napa Town and Country Fair.


Make sure you visit us this summer to see our sunflowers in full bloom!

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